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COVID-19 Secure. Returning to business after lockdown relaxes - managing risk and meeting legal obligations

With the UK government gradually relaxing the lockdown measures, it is now more important than ever for businesses to prepare their office premises for employees to return to work in a safe and controlled manner. Existing legislation, such as The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, require proper assessments and implementation of procedures to ensure the safety of both employees and employers during the daily operations of a business.

However, in recent weeks, the UK government has issued the new ‘COVID-19 secure’ guidelines, to allow for employees to return to their place of work safely and prevent the spread of the disease. One particularly critical element of these guidelines is that employers "carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment, in consultation with workers or trade unions".

How can we help?

Working in line with these new guidelines, we offer risk assessments of businesses and their workplaces, tailored to the company's daily operations. These include recommendations of control measures for managing the identified risks, which are based on the government’s COVID-19 Secure guidelines, to ensure the health and safety of employees and anyone affected by the company’s work activities.

Available to all industries and types of business, our assessments will consider your compliance with the new guidelines, as well as provide reassurance to your employees with any concerns they may have with returning to work.

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What is included?

The assessment will be specific to the risks of COVID-19 and will start with a short fact-finding meeting with you, which can be held remotely to reduce the risks to you and your colleagues. We will collect information on your company, such as your premises, your work activities, the number of employees and your plans for returning for work.

The assessment will follow the Government’s 5 key guidelines, in addition to the existing regulations and will assess all of the necessary aspects, including:

  • The company and its business activities
  • Details of the building and facility, ownership and responsibility, and if a multi-occupant building
  • Normal usage profile of the assessed area
  • Employees who normally occupy the Company’s offices – numbers, health and ability
  • Date the premises closed for the ‘lockdown’ and the planned return to work date
  • Involvement with employees, dealing with concerns and ensuring their contribution to the control measures
  • Employee training and safety procedures
  • Who should work in the office, and protecting the vulnerable
  • Working at home, postural safety and communication
  • Emergency first aid and fire arrangements, and changes needed because of COVID-19
  • Travel and commuting
  • Social distancing at work
  • Hygiene and preventing infection – office layout, meal times, washing and toilet facilities
  • Visitors and meeting safety
  • Cleaners, contractors and couriers – sending and receiving items
  • Safe handling of received goods
  • Cleaning the workplace
  • Returning to closed premises (water systems, air-handling units, etc.)
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Assessments can take place at a time to fit in with your schedule and are tailored to address any specific needs or queries you may have.

To speak to a member of the team and arrange your assessment, call us today +44(0)20 8440 6088, or fill out the contact form.

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