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Pregnant Worker Assessments

As required by the European Directive on Pregnant Workers and the Management of Health and Safety at Work regulations, assessments consider all of the potential hazards involved in a pregnant worker's activities to help you the employer decide if any of the 3 required actions are necessary:

Action 1 - temporarily adjust working conditions and / or hours of work
Action 2 - offer suitable alternative work at the same rate of pay
Action 3 - suspend from work on paid leave for as long as is necessary

In-depth Pregnant Worker assessment.
1 x60 minute one-to-one assessment, carried out at the user's workstation by one of our experts and consist of considerations for:

  • The user's pain/discomfort conditions (based on a brief interview of the user at their workstation, or a different near-by location if more privacy is required)
  • Working tasks and time spent with each
  • Potential hazards involved in the following work activities, if applicable:
    • Display Screen Equipment (DSE)
    • Manual Handling
    • Working at Heights
    • Verbal and Physical Violence
    • Stress
    • Hazardous Substances
  • Access to welfare facilities, working hours as well as the commute to and from work will also be considered
  • Equipment function and compliance
  • Set up of equipment in the way that will help to manage, and avoid the aggravation of, the user's condition (present equipment and time permitting)

Follow-up report with the assessment's findings and any further recommended action that may be identified, including a description of any adjustments that could not be completed during the assessment plus details of any additional products to enable the employer to source a design of product with the critical features for helping with the user's conditions.

Assessments are non-disruptive and are conducted at the individual's work station to assess the potential risks. As part of the assessments we will provide each user with guidance in achieving the optimum arrangement and posture, and help you the employer achieve compliance.

In most cases the optimum workstation set up can be achieved by adjustments to your existing equipment, which would incur no further charge. Where additional or replacement equipment is required, we will always recommended the most cost-efficient solution.

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