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Working from Home?

Does your current 'workstation' look anything like these? Is it causing you pain and discomfort? 

With our remote assessment we can advise you on some simple changes to improve your comfort and help to prevent the development of injuries.

Many of us are working from home instead of our offices, for all or part of the week on a Hybrid basis.  Even so, Health and Safety law, including The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 (as amended in 2002), do apply for employees working from home.  Also, injuries can develop even within the short time periods involved.

How can we help?  We offer remote DSE assessments conducted via video calling on various platforms to suit your preferences. We also offer specific remote DSE assessments for pregnant workers and for those with particular needs, such as injury and health conditions.  Remote assessments can be carried out for home workers as well as for those working in offices and their normal workplace.  Contact us for more details and to arrange an assessment by one of our experts.

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